In the words of Still Remains:

“The worst is yet to come,
Days are getting shorter.

from ‘The Worst is Yet to Come’ (album: Of Love And Lunacy)

Yes folks, it’s Autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere (for those who are geographically challenged: there are two hemispheres of the earth; when it’s Autumn in the North, it’s Spring in the South. I know: magical).
It stays dark later in the mornings, and gets dark earlier in the evenings, and the weather’s turned colder, and there’re pumpkins everywhere. It’s the time of year when everything seems to be dying and you may feel hopeless because all you see is darkness and cold in the future. But take heart! As a South African in the UK I have known the worst of Seasonal Adjustment Disorder and I have come out stronger. The darkness cannot hold me! *Laughs triumphantly*

Now you may think I’m crazy – and not without reason – but I have some great Autumn Survival Tips For The Sane And Crazy Alike which I shall share with you:

Autumn Survival Tips For The Sane And Crazy Alike

1) If your house is getting cold but you don’t want to put the heating on yet, why not do some baking? You’ll be warm and have delicious delicacies to munch on: it’s win-win! Remember to start preheating the oven about an hour before you start baking so the kitchen is nice and toasty.

2) Plan some seasonal gatherings. I’ve already got a few up my sleeve: Disney & Duvet Day (parties are always better if they alliterate), Gingerbread House Tea-Party (you can make, decorate and eat your gingerbread masterpiece together), and of course the Traditional Christmas Party where you confuse all your British guests by not cooking a turkey, and only offering traditional South African food, and trying to convince yourself that it’s sunny outside.

3) If you’re not a morning-person you may find it even harder to get out of bed these days, so you should…hmm…sorry, I have no tips for you, I am a morning-person. *Looks smug*

And finally,
4) Make Autumn into knitting season! You’ll probably spend a lot more time in the evenings swaddled in duvets, watching movies and drinking delicious hot drinks, so knitting is the perfect hobby. Once you get the hang of it you can watch the TV and knit at the same time AND you’ll be saving money on Christmas presents by knitting your loved-ones something thoughtful.

I’ll share some knitting patterns with you in future posts. Until then, if you don’t know how to knit, you should learn. The internet will teach you: here and here and probably elsewhere too.

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