owl head

Are you suffering from any of these problems:
You have boring cushion-covers,
Maybe you want to buy new ones but all the pretty ones are expensive,
You have all those scraps of fabric that you don’t want to throw away but have no use for,
And it’s Autumn so you need a project you can do while wrapped in a blanket and vegetating on the couch?

The Owl-Your-Cushion project will solve all of these!
“Unbelievable” you say? “Not at all” I reply.
And then I decide to stop talking in my infomercial-presenter voice.

owl cushion.jpg


Bland cushion-cover that you want to cover in owls
Assorted scraps of fabric
Sharp scissors
Measuring tape
Circular embroidery frame
Threads of assorted colours
Sewing needle
Tracing paper or baking paper
Black fabric for the pupils of the owls’ eyes (optional: you can use buttons for the eyes. Personally I find buttons annoying on cushions)



Measure your cushion-cover to find out how big your owls have to be.


Draw out the owl sections on your tracing paper and cut out.

Owl templates

Choose which fabrics you want to use for the owls’ heads and pin the tracing-paper head-template onto one of these. Cut out the fabric around the head template (be careful not to cut the ears off!) Do this with the other fabrics so that you have four owl-heads.

Do the same with the other templates so that you have:
4 owl-heads
4 owl-bodies
4 owl-tummies
4 owl-beaks
8 owl-eyes
8 owl-pupils (unless you’re using buttons)
8 owl-feet
8 owl-wings (4 left, 4 right – don’t make all 8 exactly the same or the owls will have two left wings and people will mock them for not being able to dance).

Organise the fabric pieces so that each owls’ pieces are together.

fabric owl pieces

Working with one owl:
Pin his tummy to his body, then pin his wings on.
Place this onto the part of your cushion-cover that you’ve chosen and pin it down (make sure the back and front of the cushion-cover is separate otherwise you won’t get your cushion back in it).

Arrange the embroidery frame onto the front of the cushion-cover so that it surrounds this part of the owl and the fabric is nice and tight.
Choosing a thread that will blend in with your fabrics (unless you want the stitches to be visible for effect), sew the pieces neatly, making sure that the wings and tummy aren’t separate from the body.
Pin the eyes and beak onto the head, and the head onto the cushion-cover, slightly overlapping the top of the body.
Sew the eyes, beak, and head down neatly, making sure there are no fraying threads from the fabric (if there are, make sure you sew them down securely against the fabric so they don’t escape).
Finally pin and sew the pupils and the feet.

fabric owl

Then repeat the process with the other three owls and put the cover back on your cushion.


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