Two Toys to Make for Babies

All my posts are now going to become baby-related…because I have one, and there is always something to do or make to entertain them. The creative possibilities are endless.

Right now my kid is staring fixedly at my fingers while I type (one-handed of course; everything is done with only one hand now), so it’s wonderfully easy to keep them entertained, and yet somehow it’s still possible to run out of ideas. This is probably due to our own grown-up demand for ever-varying entertainment: we feel that playing a game for ten minutes is more than enough and we need to search desperately for a new one.

At six months, my daughter’s favourite activities involve picking things up, staring at them, putting them in her mouth, taking them out, shaking them, and dropping them, in a never-ending cycle. Or at least, I can easily believe it would be never-ending if she didn’t get hungry or fall over occasionally. So I make use of this wonderful (and short) few weeks where she is able to sit but not crawl by putting her next to a basket full of things to pick up, shake, and chew on while I get a few things done around the house.

Oh, the glorious Treasure Basket!
Oh, the glorious Treasure Basket!

For 6-month-olds:

Her absolutely favourite toy at the moment is a contact-lens doodad with some beads in (and the lid glued shut). It’s the perfect size for her hand (while too big to be stuffed far into her mouth) and makes a great sound. Strangely enough, she never shakes actual rattles – they only ever get the chewing treatment – but this thing probably spends more time being shaken than being chewed. That is quite an achievement.
I’d suggest taking this away once the kid can crawl or walk: you don’t want it in their mouths when they trip or fall.


For 2-month olds:

Another home-made thing that she loved when she was between 2 and 5 months is a tangle of ribbons. It’s just all the ribbons I had lying around, knotted together into a tangled mess. It’s easy for tiny babies to hold and light enough for them to flap around and put in their mouths (big knots are great for itchy gums). It can also just be thrown in the wash when it’s dripping with drool. Just remember to check that all knots are secure before each use.


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