Baby toy w title

Lately I have been watching a lot of the ever-amusing and stylish Suzelle DIY, and it’s inspired me to share another little DIY toy with you.

Today I will be showing you: How to Make a Toy for a Baby.

You will need:

A clean plastic bottle with a lid,


Some ribbons,


Some assorted beads and things,


And a drill.


Step 1: With a 3mm drill bit (or thereabouts; choose a size that works best with your bottle and ribbons) drill four holes in the bottom of your bottle. Clean of any excess bits of plastic. Thread each ribbon from outside in through it’s own little hole and tie some knots in it.


Step 2: Using the same drill bit, drill four holes into the lid of the bottle and clean it off. Thread the other ends of the ribbons through these holes (from top of the lid inwards) and tie some knots. Alternately, you can thread some big beads onto the ends of the ribbons before you tie the knots, enabling them to dangle nicely inside the bottle.


Step 3: Place all your beads and things in the bottle. Make sure you’ve put everything in the bottle that you mean to. Put a few drops of glue onto the thread of the bottle and tighten the lid.


And there you have it: a rattley, rolling, ribbony toy for babies.


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