I’m offering a free gift-wrapping service on all my Etsy listings. Aren’t I nice? I bought a huge roll of brown paper and a ball of twine last month in preparation for all the presents I’ll be wrapping up for Christmas. I love wrapping presents. But although brown paper packages tied up with string is perfectly fine for my family and friends, I thought something more fancy would be better for customers. So, with a few more supplies, I made some little wrapping-paper baggies for my jewellery.

Here’s how I made them. It’s a very complicated process, I doubt anyone would be able to figure out how to do this without my step-by-step instructions…

You will need:
Brown paper
Scrap paper
Stamping ink
Craft knife
Box that’s the size you want the bag to be
Double-sided tape or glue
Twine (optional)

Using your craft knife, cut your chosen shape or design out of some scrap paper.
Use this as a template to stamp ink all over your brown paperimage


There’s a much simpler way of doing this of course: it’s called using a stamp. But I couldn’t find any suitable ones in my village so I had to make do.

Once that’s dried, cut out a piece that’s wide enough to go around your box and about 6 to 10cm longer than your box (depending on how big your box is).
Wrap the paper around the width of the box and stick it down with glue or double-sided tape.

Fold and stick the bottom of the paper bag the way you would if you were wrapping a package.

Take the box out and put some presents in. Flatten and fold the top over and stick this down with some tape or tie it with some nice string.


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