6 crocodile peg magnet note holder.jpg

This is such a fun activity that we now have about fifty assorted peg-magnets on our fridge and around the house. We will be giving a great many of these away to family and friends for Christmas this year.  (Sorry if I’ve ruined the surprise, family and friends.) Since we started making these, not a day has gone by without my two-year-old asking to make a “croppodile.” So thankfully this activity is versatile: we’ve branched out to making lizards, butterflies, birds, and aeroplanes. And it’s only been five days!

Of course, you don’t have to make these into magnets. They also work nicely as desk ornaments to hold notes, or even as pegs to hold your washing on the line…Well, why not?

(Note: You may notice that my croccies seem to be different sizes. That’s because my daughter and I used one normal sized peg and one mini peg, so we have a mamma and a baby crocodile. If you have mini pegs, just follow the instructions as below, making everything a little smaller.)

You will need:


  1. Cut the green foam or card into a vaguely crocodile-shaped piece (see photo above). With pinking shears, cut the white card into a zig-zaggy rectangle that will fit into the inside of the peg – this will be the croc’s teeth.
  2. Start by sticking some double sided tape to the top of your peg and let your child stick the green body onto this. Make certain the head-part of the croc is at the mouth-part of the peg.
  3. Place some double sided tape on the middle of the white piece and let the child place it onto the top of the inside of the peg so that some teeth show all around the outside of the peg.crocodile-feet-legs-pipe-cleaners
  4. Cut the pipe-cleaner into two pieces, each about 7cm (3 inches) long and fold over the ends so they aren’t stabby.
  5. Let your kid feed one piece through the little wire tunnel near the back of the peg until it’s an equal distance through. Bend the pipe cleaner so that it’s shaped roughly like a crocodile’s legs.
  6. Place a glue-dot on the middle of the other piece of pipe-cleaner. Open the peg and place the pipe-cleaner in the bottom half of that other little tunnel they always have in pegs (see photo, right). Bend to make feet.
  7. Now the best part: stick a glue-dot on each of the two googly eyes so the kid can put them somewhere on the crocodile’s face. For some reason children love doing this; I suppose eyes make things come alive…
  8. Use black marker to draw nostrils and a zig-zaggy spine.
  9. (Optional) Glue the magnet under the crocodile, under the base of his tail (see photo below).4-magnet-crocodile-clips

Congratulations! You have a crocodile-peg-magnet which you can put on your fridge, on the clothes-line, on a desk or – as is the case with my daughter – in miscellaneous places around the house.




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