Make Your Own (Better) Jaffa Cakes

I figured making Jaffa Cakes at home would be far too much effort to make it worth it, but to my surprise, I found that they're far easier, tastier, and healthier than I had expected. And because they're bigger and more packed with flavour than the store-bought jaffa cakes, I found that they lasted longer.


Delicious M&M Cookies

This is my favourite recipe for chewy cookies. And they're filled with m&ms! You can't get any better than this.

Delicious Banana Cupcakes

Are you in the mood for something delicious, easy, and not too bad for you? I have a suggestion: these banana cupcakes based on Mary Berry's banana loaf. As an added bonus, they're fun to make with young kids. My two year old thoroughly enjoyed mashing the bananas as well as the more serious business … Continue reading Delicious Banana Cupcakes

Fifteens: You Don’t Have to be Northern Irish to Make These

Due to the popularity of this post, the recipe has been updated! See the updated recipe with its much better photos here. Fifteens are tasty, easy-to-make sweet things that are great to take to parties. They're also quiet-to-make. This is an important consideration now that there's a baby in the house. They need no oven, … Continue reading Fifteens: You Don’t Have to be Northern Irish to Make These