Quick ‘n’ Tasty Crunchie Ice-Cream

This is a popular recipe that I'm sure most people know by now, but just in case you haven't tried this incredibly delicious ice-cream, here's the incredibly easy recipe.


Pumpkin Fritters of Deliciousness

I know that Halloween was almost a week ago, so you probably don't have any pumpin flesh scooped from Jack-O-Lanterns left sitting in the fridge. But if you did, this would be a very helpful blog-post. Just in case you have pumpkins all over the place despirate to be eaten, this 10-minute recipe for pumpkin … Continue reading Pumpkin Fritters of Deliciousness

Unexpected Rice Pudding

On Saturday I had leftover rice from the previous day's rice dish (yes, the one that was supposed to use up my leftovers) so I decided to make rice pudding for lunch. It's called Unexpected Rice Pudding because, well, I wasn't expecting to have rice pudding in the middle of the day. It's a quick … Continue reading Unexpected Rice Pudding