Two Toys to Make for Babies

All my posts are now going to become baby-related...because I have one, and there is always something to do or make to entertain them. The creative possibilities are endless. Right now my kid is staring fixedly at my fingers while I type (one-handed of course; everything is done with only one hand now), so it's … Continue reading Two Toys to Make for Babies


All You Need is Rusk

Every time I bake rusks I end up destroying a classic Beatles song: "There's nothing you can rusk that can't be rusked, Nothing you can rusk that can't be rusked, Nothing you can rusk but you can learn how to rusk the rusk It's rusky! All you need is rusk (da da dadada!) All you … Continue reading All You Need is Rusk

Pumpkin Fritters of Deliciousness

I know that Halloween was almost a week ago, so you probably don't have any pumpin flesh scooped from Jack-O-Lanterns left sitting in the fridge. But if you did, this would be a very helpful blog-post. Just in case you have pumpkins all over the place despirate to be eaten, this 10-minute recipe for pumpkin … Continue reading Pumpkin Fritters of Deliciousness

Unexpected Rice Pudding

On Saturday I had leftover rice from the previous day's rice dish (yes, the one that was supposed to use up my leftovers) so I decided to make rice pudding for lunch. It's called Unexpected Rice Pudding because, well, I wasn't expecting to have rice pudding in the middle of the day. It's a quick … Continue reading Unexpected Rice Pudding

Autumn is Knitting Season

In the words of Still Remains: "The worst is yet to come, Days are getting shorter. (SHOOORTEEER)" from 'The Worst is Yet to Come' (album: Of Love And Lunacy) Yes folks, it's Autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere (for those who are geographically challenged: there are two hemispheres of the earth; when it's Autumn in … Continue reading Autumn is Knitting Season